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When I was growing up I was exposed to a great variety of music. At home, we would listen to folk and country music, but also to Frank Sinatra and traditional folk songs. Just like perhaps everybody else, I liked to listen to anything that was played over the radio. Later in life, I became fond of classical music and began to discover the beauty of the opera and classical style of singing. For quite some time, it appeared that I would become a soprano opera singer. I had a great teacher, Ms. Helena Havlíková, who devoted a lot of time and effort to preparing me for the entrance exams at the Classical Music Conservatory in Prague; however, in the end, my life took a different turn and I was pulled toward jazz. So I attended Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory instead and the more I was learning about jazz the more it attracted me, especially the recordings of musicians such as Louis Armstrong (that’s where it all started for me) and Billie Holliday. But it didn’t mean that I’d turned my back on classical music. After I graduated from Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, I furthered my education at the Jazz College where I had many opportunities to sing publicly. I also got a chance to perform in Prague music clubs as a blues singer in the band of the Chicago expatriate Rene Trossman. This exposure was instrumental to my involvement with the local community of jazz musicians whose natural leader, NajPonk, provided a lot of support to me and, most importantly, a steady stream of amazing records. The Jazz College was crucial for my musical development. I had the honour of learning from David Dorůžka, Jaromír Honzák, Filip Gondolán and others. I also met a lot of brilliant schoolmates there. I had established my bossa nova band in 2007 in a quartet setting with acoustic guitar, bass and drums. In Summer 2008 we recorded our first CD featuring mostly bossa nova songs in brazilian portuguese language called ZEURÍTIA. Later I had been taking lessons with Aga Zaryan, which is the great jazz Polish singer, in The International Prague Jazz Workshop at 2008. When I was in New York City in March 2009 I also took lessons from Peter Eldridge ( Manhattan School of Music, New York Voices, Moss).

My favorite CD's what I listen on the road:

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin' !!!!
Bob Dylan – Another side of Bob Dylan
The Beatles – Revolver
James Taylor – One Man Band
Blossom Dearie – Once upon a summer time…

My favorite CD's what I listen at home:

Aga Zaryan – Umiera Piekno
Peter Eldridge – Fool no more
Brad Mehldau – House on Hill
Shirley Horn – Ultimate
Betty Carter – Look what I got
Amy Winehouse – Frank
Diana Krall – The look of Love
Dexter Gordon – Ballads
Frederic Chopin – Mazurky


The CD's what are inspiration for me all the time:

Eliane Elias – Sings Jobim
Maria Rita – Samba Meu
Mariza – Transparente
Elis Regina – Elis and Tom
Billie Holiday – Lady sings the blues
Lorez Alexandria – The Great