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6. 6. 08


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The musicians are: Libor Smoldas guitar, Michal Tokaj piano, fender rhodes, Michal Baranski bass, bassguitar, Tomas Vokurka drums, Milos Dvoracek percussion, Petr Ostrouchov ukulele. The CD will be out in autumn 2008, on the prestigious czech jazz label Animal Music.

Interview with ZEURÍTIA:

Why did you choose bossa nova for your debut?
I feel at home in its rhythm and beautiful melodies. From the first moment, Brazilian music found a place in my heart, as if I had known it intimately. Maybe in the future I will pursue other music as well, but just now bossa nova is the most inspiring and fun for me. I started singing bossa nova with Libor as a duo, and later we put a quartet together. I am glad that after more than a year of working with the band we were able to record this CD.

Your concert schedule is quite full. What for you is the biggest difference between recording and performing live?
I’ve just had a year of intensive performing in jazz clubs and jazz festivals. The start was very difficult for me, like it is for probably everybody; I was struggling with myself onstage. But in time things started to turn around, and I realized that I had come a long way, that I could enjoy it without being afraid. It meant hours of practicing intonation and technique, working at the piano, listening to albums, listening to myself and the band. But most of all, learning to relax and communicate with people. To believe in myself. And in the studio? This is my debut, and even though I have some studio experience, this was something more. A lot of responsibility and fear that I would disappoint myself. It wasn’t easy; often I knew exactly how I wanted to sing a particular song, but in the end it turned out completely different. It’s great to have people in the studio who tell you, “Yeah! I like that.” And those people were there.

How was working with Polish guest artists in the studio?
Both of them are exceptional musicians, and making contact with us and getting on the same wave as us wasn’t a problem for them at all. They played so beautifully that I was literally breathless with joy in the studio. They exceeded my expectations by far, there’s no better way to say it. I think it was a lot of fun for them as well, because they don’t often get a chance to play bossa nova and samba.

How would you like listeners to perceive your album?
I’ll be happy if it brings joy and relaxation to busy, stressful days. The original arrangements intentionally leave a lot of room for improvisation, so the album has a very jazz-oriented character, which I think is good.

What are your musical plans for the future?
I’m not really a natural-born planner. I’m very intuitive, and I do the things that occur to me, things I like to do. So it’s hard to predict what my further projects will be like. Certainly, I have a lot of work to do before I’ll be satisfied with myself, so I try to devote my free time to practicing and listening to music, but not just bossa nova—that would be silly. I have big dreams of course, not just about music, but that’s not something one should talk about. Mostly I’d like for our new album to be a success.

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